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Base module - Standard Features highlights 9500,00

Automatic parts imports from DXF CAD systems: automatically map layers to machine processes (cutting, marking, labeling);
True Shape Nesting;
Automatic CAD file correction and error notification;
Move, mirror, rotate parts;
Drag & drop and bump parts on the nest;
Part In Part Nesting;
Group part nesting/Array nesting
Automatic nesting /Manual (dynamic) nesting;;
Automatic collision detection;
Parts inventory; Real time counting of the nested parts;
Automatically update nest with part revisions;
Automatic NC tool path generation and optimization;
By part  or By process nesting sequences;
Automatic or manual lead-in/out features;
Simulation of machine operation;
Nesting customizable shop reports & BOM
Export report directly to Excel xls/ csv or pdf file;
Nesting & production sketches DXF file export feature (DXF polylines on different
layers according with machine processes);
Standard ESSI & EIA (G-Code) post processor;
Cutting/Marking/Labeling processes are supported;
Customized post processors according with customer machine settings.
Kerf tool compensation calculation.
Microsoft database for storing parts and nesting data;
Add-on modules  Advanced Features  
Plates inventory: 3000,00

Plate Inventory permits the creation and storage of rectangular, plates in an internal
database. All new stock plates may be added to the plate inventory and utilized on an
on going basis.. As plates are consumed during nesting, the inventory is updated. Users
may assign properties to each plate (Material and Thickness, Paint sides info, Stock
Number, Stock Quantity, Weight, Reserved etc.),This module will reduce material
inventory and improve material utilization, in addition it’s a perfect tool for inventory
Smart bridges nesting 1500,00

Bridge Cutting allows two or more parts to be linked by a narrow material connector
(bridge). The user can add the bridges in automatic mode or manual mode.
Automatic nesting productions sketches 3000,00

Nesting sketches contain key production information are used by production workshop.
This module help the production department for identification and traceability of the
nested parts and for efficiency calculation. The nesting sketches are generated
automatically and can be exported as DXF polylines on different layers according with
machine processes. It and contain the following information: Project information, Plate
sheet dimensions, material grade, nesting parameters (burning length, marking length,
scrap material etc), table with drawing parts positions numbers; The nesting sketch
fields and design are user customizable.
Contour Bevel (includes one custom bevel post processor) 15000,00

For users operating a cutting machine equipped with a programmable bevel head, the
Contour Bevel Interface provides a seamless solution for creating the desired NC output
Post Processors: Forhør på pris

In most instances, a post processor is necessary to convert nest information into NC code that
can be transferred and read by a CNC control. More than one post processor may be required
to support multiple machines / CNC controls.
Standard Plasma and Oxyfuel Machine Post Processor: Inklusiv

Includes scribe/mark support, feed rate by hole size, variable kerf output, voltage lockout,
pre-piercing, etc. Support may vary by manufacturer and machine model
Laser Machine Post Processor 5300,00

Provides support for fiber and CO2 laser systems. Functionality includes scribe/mark support,
cut conditions by hole size, multiple pierce conditions, vaporization, sub-routines, etc.
Support may vary by manufacturer and machine model
Customized Contour Bevel Machine Post Processor 7500,00

(requires Contour Bevel Machine Option).
Support may vary by manufacturer and machine model

Custom post processor - development of user customizable post processor can be performed
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