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Alibre FEM Postprocessing


Alibre (Geomagic Design) 3D CAD software. The 3D CAD software is parametric / history based. Editing and optimization is fast and easy

If you need simulation, you can buy Motion and FEM

AxisVM FEM software for civil engineering. Also very used in mechanical engineering for analysis of  beam and frame structures. AxisVM is very powerfull and easy to learn.  FEM software made easy

GstarCAD is a 2D CAD software. It is  the best AutoCAD® alternative on the market. The software uses the well-known formats dwg / dxf. GstarCAD can import and convert pdf files to dxf format, and you can continue the work in GstarCAD.

You can also open, view and edit your drawings on mobile devices, phones or tablets.  The app works without converting the file and is free in the standard version.
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Alibre FEM Add-on

Presys FEM Add-on for Alibre is a  powerful Finite Element software for Mechanical Engineering. 
Linear static, Nonlinear static, Eigenvalue and Buckling or Advanced Dynamics. For composite analysis Presys is preferable.

The mesher and solver in Presys are very powerful.

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