Teknisk software til overkommelige priser
Den komplette ingeniør pakke for Mechanical Engineering
    - Benyttes også af mange andre brancher.
GstarCAD Professionel 2D CAD software som bruger formaterne dwg / dxf

Bedste AutoCAD® Alternativ.
En Effektiv og pålidelig CAD platform med innovative feature
Faster Response

Faster openning multiple drawings

Faster panning and zooming

Faster Highlighting opjects
File Format Support

Read .dwg/.dxf versions R14 to 2015

Read .dws Drawing Standard

Read .dwt Drawing template
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Interface Approach

Open multiple drawing tabs

Switch model and layout space

Windows arrangement
Display Objects

Display 2D objects and 3D model

Display drawing references attached

Display and highlight object
Layers Control

Turn on and turn off layers

Lock/Unlock and freeze layers
Viewing Tools & Share

Traditional viewing tools supported

Share your drawing via e-mail
Operate Sys Support

Run DWG FastView for Windows on

XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 32/64 bit
Export & Plotting

Export .dwg to images formats

Page setup manager and preview
GstarCAD 2016 Ease of Use
Drafting Settings (Object Snap Options Added)
New added option called Distance from Endpoint. This option allows snap a certain distance from any endpoint of objects like line, arc, spline, pline, ellipse arc, mline and any other lines.
GstarCAD 2016 Overview
The CAD platform solution is aimed to save countless hours of design and rework through enhanced features which boost drafting capability through flexible operation methods upon a more optimized platform!
GstarCAD 2016 Performance Optimization
The performance plays an important role in every GstarCAD version, therefore Gstarsoft is making great effort in performance optimization continuously. On GstarCAD 2016, the performance is obviously enhanced in many aspects.
GstarCAD 2015 Introduction
Work simple and flawlessly, GstarCAD 2015 is a CAD platform solution upgrades from GstarCAD 8. You will have an entirely new experience when creating documentation, detailing, or even sharing drawing data to accomplish your design with GstarCAD 2015.
Permanente Licenser Priser DKK + moms
GstarCAD Standard 3500
GstarCAD Professional 4600
GstarCAD Mechanical 6350
GstarCAD Architecture 6350
PDF2DXF converter addon 599
Netværkslicenser + 25%
Leasing i 1 år. 50% af permanente licenser
Veligehold Priser DKK + moms 1 version tilbage Priser DKK + moms 2 versioner tilbage eller mere
GstarCAD Standard 1300 2000
GstarCAD Professional 1700 2400
GstarCAD Mechanical 3800 5600
GstarCAD Architecture 3800 5600
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