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GstarCAD Architecture Key Features
Toolkit Menu
GstarCAD Architecture uses pull-down toolkit menu which could be displayed or hided by pressing composite key "Ctrl+=".
Custom Objects
GstarCAD Architecture provides different styles of walls, doors, windows, etc, that allows you faster create or edit their properties
Smart Operation
GstarCAD Architecture supplies parametric operation mode to connect or edit custom objects smarter.
Sections & Elevations
GstarCAD Architecture is able to generate sections and elevations from plan drawings of each floor through engineering management function.
Dimension & Symbols
GstarCAD Architecture comes with convenient and useful tools for annotation including dimensions, symbols, elevation, and so on.
GstarCAD Architecture could generate, export or import data table of architectural custom objects like door, window, and hole from drawings.
Site Plan
GstarCAD Architecture with site plan function, designers could complete their site plan drawing and calculation accurately.
Drawing Library
GstarCAD Architecture allows insert commonly used blocks directly from drawing library to ease architectural design details and avoid rework.
It is built-in architectural custom objects for creating agile construction drawings through comprehensive designing and library tools including 3D visualization.
GstarCAD Architecture Comparison table
GstarCAD Architecture
Ribbon gallery
Classical interface
Command line
Multifunctional grips
Status bar buttons
GCA Tool Box
GCA Classic Toolbars
Scale & Units Control
GCA status bar extension buttons
Project manager
Draw functions
Modify functions
Layer functions
Block function
Express tools
Building design:wall,window,column,stair,symbol etc.  
Common tools:object select and edit etc.  
AEC drawing library  
Settings and help  
Single line text
Text increase
Unify text height
Object Table
Find & Replace
Stair Dimension
Index symbol  
View symbol  
Section symbol  
Door & windows sub-schedule  
DWG FastView
DWG file convert
Dimension Overdrawn
DGN file import
PDF file export
Support for CUI customization
Toolbars customization
GCA hotkey customization
Layer standard customization
Default text style setting
Default Dimension style setting

GstarCAD Architecture
GstarCAD Architecture Training Demos
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Draw Grids
Axis / Grid Dimension
Draw walls in Plan Drawing
Draw corner window in Plan Drawing
Draw columns
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