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(Geomagic Design)
Alibre Design is back ! Alibre was acquired by 3D Systems for a number of years ago, and was branded under the name Geomagic Design.  Alibre is now back in a new company, Alibre LLC. At the same time the Alibre team is back, and we can expect a lot of good news in the coming months and years.

Alibre is available in two versions.

Node locked licenses price:

Alibre Design Expert + 1st  year maintenance  € 1950 + Vat.

Alibre Design Professional + 1st  year maintenance  €1150 + Vat.

Visit the Alibre page
Send a message if you want a demonstration, or to test the software for 30 days
Licensing Options

Node Locked License
Install on as many computers as you want
Only 1 computer has an active license at any given time
To switch between computers, you deactive the license on the 1st computer, and then active the license on the 2nd computer.
Access to the Internet is required to activate and deactivate licenses.
Every few weeks, Internet access will be required to start the software.
Concurrent License
Install on as many computers as you want
Purchase floating licenses consistent with your simultaneous users•
Whenever the product starts, it checks how many users are currently using the software.
If the number of active users is below the number of floating licenses, the software will start.
Access to the Internet is required to start Alibre Design and should remain available when Alibre Design shuts down so the license can be returned automatically. Licenses will eventually be returned automatically regardless of access to the Internet.
Coming soon: Offline Licenses
For customers with secure environments that are never connected to the Internet.
Generate a license request on the desired machine
Copy the license request to a USB drive and then send it to Alibre
We’ll send you back a license that you can copy to a USB drive and then deploy on the desired machine.
TLF: +45 61 33 78 07
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