Alibre 3D CAD is the ideal tool, if you work with  product development and design.
Even if you are a beginner, you will get started with Alibre fast.
What can you do with Alibre ?
Alibre is used in industries such as:
Machine Design

Silos and material handeling systems

Tractor and other vehicles

Crane and lifting equipment


Plast industri

Weapon industri
Medical equipment

Furniture and wood industry

Stairs, balcony and other building industry

Consumer products for homes


3D printing

Reverse engineering
Alibre is the ideal CAD tool for companies working with design and product development. When it comes to prototyping and optimization, it is easy and fast. Alibre works parametric / history based.

Alibre is preferred by companies, who are concerned about product development and documentation cost. There is a lot to save over a 5 year periode compared with more branded CAD products.

Ask yourself the question: Is it better to spend the money for expensive software solutions, or to spend the money for the products you are going to develop ?