CAD / CAM / FEM software solutions at affordable prices.
Amstrup Engineering is behind NettoCAD

Lifting yoke for forklift. Designed for AL-Lift
Below are some projects we have been involved with, and solved with the software solutions we resell.
Plant for production of special pallets. Designed and manufactured for VJTE ApS
Tool Carrier for ParkTrac A/S
Manhole for Harde Staal ApS

Analysed with Presys FEM
Conveyor for Løkkes Maskinfabrik
Manhole for Harde Staal ApS
Cabelcrane for ABB Sweden
Presys FEM analyse performed of PM Mechanical Engineering.
Mink straw rake
Manufactored and designed for Ankerbjerre A/S
Amstrup Engineering is an Engineering Company based in western Jutland.

Amstrup Engineering started in 2003

From the very  beginning we focused on finding professional software solutions at affordable prices. From the beginning in 2003 we bought more of the software solutions we today are reselling. It has saved Amstrup Engineering and a large number of customers millions of DKK.

Design of machinery has for many years been our main activity.  In 2008 we started reselling the software solutions , we at that time had used for 5 years, and we are still using them today. Software reselling has today become our main activity.

Amstrup Engineering
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